“You may survive wedding planning on your own, but you will be much worse for the wear if you don’t use ARJ productions. It’s just not worth it —I am admittedly neurotic and very organized, and I would NOT have survived wedding planning without Ari and her amazing team! This is a phrase my family and I said a lot during the planning. We had around 250 guests so there was a lot to manage. We used a ton of Ari’s vendors, but the ones we did find on our own Ari worked with flawlessly, which is not always the case with wedding planners. She was on every call with vendors, and my *strong* suggestion would be to do the whole package so you can use her unlimited time, it’s just not worth feeling like you can’t have full access since the team has a ton of clients at any given time. I can say after we used her that she should charge more for her services, because more than planning, wedding organizing for a large and formal wedding is stressful in ways you can’t predict before doing it, and Ari and her team are providing not just actual planning but de-stressing reminders, so you don’t have to! Lastly, Kristen is great!”

— 7/10/19, LINDSAY S