Catersource 2019: The Latest In Food & Beverage

After spending the week in New Orleans at the fabulous Catersource conference, we’ve returned energized and inspired to integrate the top food and beverage trends into our upcoming events! We took note of industry trends like: artful presentation, new twists on plant-based menu items for vegetarian and vegan guests, new interpretations of fusion cuisine, and eco-friendly meals and sustainable tableware.

Let’s begin at the bar, our favorite place to get any party started! Healthy cocktails with edible florals, fresh herbs and infused fruits will continue to shine throughout 2019. We’ll see a rise in the use of Asian spirits, Negroni, and even beverages that feature ice made of spirits that melt and transform your cocktail into something brand new. We also love the bend towards a more personal touch, like edible paper designs on top of hot or cold beverages that can be customized with a corporate logo, monogram, or design to suit any kind of theme you can think up.


We were blown away by some of the super creative artistry we encountered at Catersource. Art galleries serve as the inspiration for many food trends this year, dessert displays that resemble paintings and edible “art” with accompanying sauces and syrups.  “Eat first with the eyes” was definitely one of our favorite take-aways of the week. We are certain your guests will be tempted to get out the phones and Snap and Insta some of these before taking a bite!


We often get requests for more interesting and delicious options for your vegetarian and vegan guests. We are happy to report some exciting plant based alternatives to the traditional beef or chicken. We believe even meat lovers will find these options enticing.


We applaud the ramping up of eco-friendliness in the catering industry. We’re seeing a rise in zero waste cocktails, as with the company Trash Tiki that re-uses citrus and pineapple husks to create elixers and cordials. We are encouraged by “root to stem” practices where all parts of vegetables that used to be discarded will now be utilized as part of the meal presentation. We were inspired by Front of the House’s attractive and eco-friendly serveware, carved from naturally fallen fir trees and finished using an ancient Japanese technique. Gorgeous!

And lastly, apparently taking the world by storm, Marie Kondo has had an influence on the food and beverage industry as well! We will see all types of food presentations this year that pay homage to her high organizational standards. As always, ARJ’s standards for excellence remains high. We have long-established relationships (at this point they’ve become friendships) with many reliable caterers and private chefs in the area. We look forward to helping you find the right one for your next big event!