Washingtonian Unveiled Bridal Show 2019

We are still a little giddy from experiencing all the gorgeousness at Love Unveiled 2019’s bridal showcase at the Mandarin Oriental last weekend. We stepped out of a drab DC winter day into a romantic garden-like fairytale and immediately set out on a mission to gather up and share the latest with you. The entryway featured a  curtain of butterflies and balloons leading to explosions of intricate floral arrangements and a pretty pink champagne wall and booth entitled “Champagne Made Me Do It” by @Brightly Ever After. We knew we were in for a treat!

We saw moody, edgier colors in contrast to the more demure tones we’ve seen in recent past. Dusty blue and blush are are still fan favorites, but sage green, deep golds, saturated berries and bold emerald and teal are making their way onto the scene. Large, trailing floral arrangements framing entryways and acting as table runners are having a moment and we love it! No doubt, Harry and Megan’s doorway trellis last spring made a lasting impression on us all. We saw masses of roses, ranunculus and peonies styled by Elle Nicole Events and Nature of Design Events that made us swoon. We also noticed an increase in the creative use of balloons which can add color, volume and height without the expense of flowers. No longer relegated to just sitting in a corner in bunches, balloons can form archways and add definition to certain areas like guest sign-in and the cake cutting table. 

A lovely trend we are very happy to see is the increase of more personalized touches. The use of beloved treasures like grandparent’s silver or crystal candlesticks and personalized family linens at the bride and groom’s table is a nice way to acknowledge generations past. Wedding photographs of parents and grandparents framed and placed where guests can admire them is a thoughtful idea and a way to add personal history. Paper goods are reflecting the more personalized trend as well. We love the use of artful monograms, hand drawn maps and even even cute cartoonized sketches of the bride and groom. We especially admired Artisan Matchmaker’s use of this trend. A dramatic way to capture the day and create a lasting heirloom is to hire an artist to paint a scene live from your reception as it unfolds. We truly died over artist Brittany Branson’s super romantic re-creation of a couple’s first dance.

More personalization was evident with guest welcome bags and goodie bags. We saw some really impressive options on display by the gifting company Marigold & Grey. Wouldn’t your guests be delighted to receive cookies shaped like the state of Virginia, helpful hand drawn maps and a candle in a scent meaningful to you all beautifully tied up with their name drawn by a calligrapher? Quite a step up from the tired old water bottle, granola bar and Advil stuffed into a bag! Custom bridesmaids gift baskets and groomsmen gift boxes are available from the talented Marigold &Grey as well.

Many couples throwing an outdoor wedding find the “bringing the indoors out” trend appealing. Consider renting not just the traditional tables and chairs, but lounges, sofas and and cushioned seating that can be grouped together allowing your guests to relax and have more intimate conversations.  Take it to the next level with the use of faux fur throws and velvet upholstery. Mary Carballo of AFR event furnishings showed us some beautiful velvets in rich golds, jades and navy blues in their collection. (photo) Not only offering a comfy place to sit, artfully arranged settings make for a dramatic backdrop when photographing groups of family and friends.

Statement cakes are making a comeback after a long era dominated by cupcakes, donuts and candy buffets. We were especially impressed by the creations of Design Cuisine and Liberty Baking Company. Once again, we noticed a dreamy, fanciful look with lots of beautiful trailing flowers and ferns, both real and designed with frosting and fondant. Pretty, intricate sugar butterflies and cute little ladybugs caught our eye as well. We are also seeing more tall tiers, geometric shapes and the use of metallic fondant in shades of gold, silver and bronze for a more sophisticated and modern look.

All of these ideas have us excited about 2019. While we enjoy seeing what’s new and sharing it with you, it is important to us that your wedding is an accurate reflection of you, not just what is in the latest bridal magazines. We hope a few of these new and creative concepts catch your fancy and can help you make your wedding all that you’ve dreamed it could be. We will keep the vision of a vibrant garden in full bloom alive as the January snow falls outside and we plan for the year ahead!

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